About Us

Mission Statement

Orangewood Community Church exists to Worship Jesus,

Love One Another, and Serve the Community.

Vision Statement

We are a worshiping community that places Jesus first and foremost in our lives.  We love one another as a sign that we are followers of Jesus Christ.  We serve the world beginning in our local community and expanding out from here as God leads us into new territory.

We Value . . .
  • Having a heart broken for those who do not know Jesus.

  • Every person because they are created in the image of God.

  • Children and youth because they represent hope for the future.

  • Having a servant's heart.

  • This neighborhood and the children, youth, and adults who reside here.

  • Open and honest communication with each other.

  • Asking ourselves every day, "What does love require of me?"

  • Keeping short accounts with people; dealing with hurt and conflict quickly and directly according to Matthew 18:15-18.

Our Pastors:

Lead Pastor


Associate Pastor

RCA/CRC Joint Ministry

Orangewood Community Church is a joint ministry between the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

The Reformed branch of Protestantism is rooted in the Reformation of the 1500s.


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Orangewood Community Church

Phone:  602-675-0607


3710 W Orangewood  Avenue

Phoenix, AZ  85051

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